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Sales center: No.16 Changjiang Road, Liushi Town, Wenzhou, Zhejiang China

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  We will be the spirit of "the pursuit of refine on," of the enterprise purpose, adhere to the quality of a firm and clear ideas, uphold the professional spirit, the pursuit of excellence, strive to play the role of bridge site, display of corporate style and employee, provide the experience exchange platform of information communication, promote management innovation。

  Company advocated "people-oriented" enterprise culture, dedicated to create a good working environment for the employees, so that each employee's talent here to be cast. Employees and the common development of enterprises, is our sincere best wishes. And in their own development at the same time, through this network platform, to provide better products and services to our customers, and provide strong support to our partners, and ultimately achieve the goal of development of win-win。
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